Hire Our Experts to Inspect Your Chimney

Ensure your chimney is safe and operational with timely chimney inspections from Capital One Construction. We’re a trusted local source for chimney services in Greater Boston. Our licensed and insured team will inspect your chimney and share a detailed chimney inspection report. This report will give you details on damage to your chimney as well as a plan to repair it. Call us now for a FREE estimate for your chimney inspection.

Level 1 Inspections

Level 1 inspections are recommended for homeowners who use their fireplace on a regular basis. During this inspection, our professionals will examine all the accessible portions of your chimney’s exterior, interior, and the appliance/chimney connection.

We’ll check for the basic stability of the chimney structure, flue, appliance installation, and connections. We’ll also make sure there are no obstructions or combustible deposits like bird nests, leaves, or buildup.

Level 2 Inspections

Level 2 inspections are more in-depth than Level 1 inspections. They are required when you make a change to your system such as:

  • A change from gas to wood
  • A change to the shape or material in the flue
  • The replacement or addition of an appliance of a different type, rating, or efficiency

You will also need a level 2 inspection in the following instances:

  • Before buying or selling a home
  • If there is any damage to the chimney
  • If there has been a home or building fire
  • If there has been a fire in the chimney
  • Seismic events
  • Severe wind or weather

If we notice any hidden hazards and are unable to continue the evaluation without special tools to safely access the area, we’ll set up a Level 3 inspection with the necessary tools.